1000 Paleo Recipes Cookbook Review: It Surpasses Our Expectations

We’ve been reviewing paleo recipe books for a while now. But, there has always been one glitch in every paleo-centric recipe book that we have reviewed. The recipe books are either motivational paleo starting guides OR recipe books. There were a few great guides to go paleo but they did not have a lot of recipes so that would mean that people would have to buy additional books for Paleolithic recipes. That is how this 1000 Paleo Recipes Cookbook review stands out from others.

1000 Paleo Recipes Cookbook is a paleo recipe book which, as the name suggests, has one thousand recipes of different kinds for paleo eaters. Yes, there are many other paleo cookbooks available on the web but this one is different because it not only provides a colossal amount of recipes but also gives a great start up motivational guide for people who want to try out paleo diet.

This was one problem that our team had with every cookbook; it was that it did not provide any assistance for new or potential paleo eaters. The reason for writing the 1000 Paleo Recipes Cookbook review is because this cookbook solved this problem and provided both guidelines and a vast array of recipes for people. So, it is a one-stop shop for paleo eaters.

The Cookbook:

The 1000 Paleo Recipes Cookbook is an eBook that contains around 1000 recipes of varying categories such as breakfast, entrees etc. It is an exceptional collection of recipes that will fill up your recipe inventory and leave no need to buy other cookbooks. The eBook is available from its official website, www.1000paleorecipes.com and can be bought for $49 only.

The cookbook itself includes the following booklets that cater to different categories, such as:

Each recipe is highly elucidated and comes with a list of ingredients along with a directions guide to help you through the cooking process. Some recipes come with a reference picture but mostly are without them so you will have to use your imagination when it comes to the presentation and outlook of the recipe.

However, each recipe gives you a serving guide that will tell you how many people it is good for and so you can alter the amount of ingredients to make it accordingly.

When you buy the cookbook, you not only get a recipe book but a paleo quick start guide as well. Now, this guide is of great value to people who want to start paleo dieting and even those who are already on a paleo diet but need to renew their motivation. The quick start guide gives a brief intro about paleo dieting and how it started, elaborates upon the importance of paleo and other things such as:

The significance:

This 1000 Paleo Recipes Cookbook review seeks to find out the significant factors of each cookbook and determine whether they are recommendable or not. The substantial factors of this cookbook include:

  • 1000 recipes – this is an enormous inventory to have. Once you buy this cookbook, you wouldn’t need another cookbook for at least 3 years if you cook each dish once! That is a bargain of an investment to make.
  • Paleo quick start guide – this guide allows you to have in depth information about paleo and what it is about. So, if you are planning to start the diet, then you can follow the guide and then have a great variety of recipes within the same cookbook and you wouldn’t need to spend money buying other cookbooks in order to build your recipe inventory.
  • They have offal & organ recipes! – Yes, this was the first time our team encountered an entire section just for offal and organs. There are many, many cookbooks that provide red meats and entrees, and also breakfasts. But, there are only a few which have anything else to offer. This cookbook not only gives you all mentioned above but much more.
  • Great value for money – you can get all of this at a very reasonable price. The entire team at justpaleofood.com was unanimous of the opinion that the price is great for the stuff you are getting.
  • Money back guarantee – we doubt you would need a refund. However, if you need one, the website will be happy to give you your money back.

The drawbacks:

Reference pictures complement recipes well and you get to know how the recipe would look like when cooked. There are hardly any reference pictures with the recipes, so the outlook relies completely upon the person cooking the dish.


The guys at 1000paleorecipes.com have something else to offer as well. Along with buying the package, if you can also purchase these eBooks:

  • Paleo Success Program
  • The Paleo Bundle
  • Superfoods that fight ageing


We will give 1000 Paleo Recipes Cookbook a very strong 9/10 rating because it has nearly everything that we look for in a paleo recipe book, and it surpasses our expectations with flying colors.