Fat Burning Meals Program Review: Lose Weight With Food

Tired of looking for weight loss programs and then finding cookbooks that suit the program? So were we. The reason for compiling this Fat Burning Meals Program review is because our team was exhausted by the numerous cookbooks upon cookbooks that we had in our inventory.

It is easy to get paleo-centric cookbooks OR paleo-centric weight loss programs. However, options for such cookbooks AND weight loss programs in one book are scarce. That is what led our team to scavenge and find one such book that provided both solutions together.

Our team at justpaleofood.com figured out that it is difficult to get a fat burning program for a prolonged use. By this, we mean that there are weight loss programs available on the web but, they provide a selected variety of recipes to follow for e.g. 30 recipes for 30 days (which is quite stringent, to be honest). So, if you wish to follow the program, you will have to follow an authoritarian diet.

That is why this new eBook is so significant; it has a diet program but always provides around 120 recipes to go with it. Now, you can lose weight and have a variety of food to help you.

What is Fat Burning Meals Program?

The Fat Burning Meals program consists of not only one, but a set of three eBooks. Each eBook is a component that tends to elaborate on a certain topic. Authored by Diana Keuilian, this set of eBooks provides a fat burning or weight loss program, along with a set of recipes that you can follow. This set is available at its official website, www.fatburningmeals.com and is valued at $179, but as a special offer, they are currently is giving it away for a bargain, at only $19. The three components include:

Fat Burning Meals Program Review

  1. Fat Burning Code:

Before plunging in to the deep sea of recipes and diet details like most cookbooks do, this eBook gives you details about the diet itself and why it is necessary to burn fat and how it can be done. It informs you about the different deadly ingredients that increase bloating and how they can be avoided. This specific eBook was by far, the most elaborate and preferred by our team because it talked to the readers and provided a motivational boost instead of directly commanding them to follow the diet.

Fat Burning Meals Recipes

  1. 28 Day Fat Burning Meal Plan:

This is the core component of the set as it includes the meal plan itself that will help you in burning fat and toning your body. The meal plan is for 28 days and has guaranteed results (as claimed by the testimonials on the website). It has recipes that have to be followed, along with a grocery list to know what to buy at the supermarket when shopping for the meal plan.

28 Day Fat Burning Meal Plan

  1. 120 Fat Burning Meals:

This is the cookbook that contains 120 recipes including breakfasts, entrees, desserts etc. The recipes in the cookbook coincide with the meal plan so you do not have any difficulty in following the meal plan and know exactly what to cook and how to cook it. What’s great is that you can continue following the cookbook even after your 28 day meal plan is completed because all the recipes are highly nutritious and healthy for you.

120 Fat Burning Recipes

What makes Fat Burning Meals great?

The eBook is a great source of information and motivational guide along with a well thought out fat burning plan that is claimed to be highly effective. The things that make this eBook great include:

  • The fat burning code – This is a one of a kind aspect that does not exist in other cookbooks where the author directly talks to the readers and gives them a bit of pep before they start the diet and it also gives you details so you know why you’re eating and why you are avoiding other things.
  • Paleo-friendly– Even though the eBook does not claim to be paleo-centric, it is paleo-friendly because all the recipes are free of sugars, dairy, gluten, soy and grains.
  • Collaborative effort – Another great thing is that you get guidance, a meal plan and lots of recipes all together in one purchase. You do not have to get a separate meal plan and spends hours on the internet in finding good recipes for the meal you are supposed to eat.
  • Money-back guarantee – If you still find that the program doesn’t work for your (which is highly unlikely) you can claim your money back within 60 days.

Downsides of the eBook:

If we really have to nitpick, the downside would be that the cookbook does not contain any beverage options such as smoothies etc. So if you are a beverage person, you would have some trouble following this meal plan.


Like all other eBooks available online, this one too provides a few freebies for all the buyers. The bonuses include:

  • Meal Prep Guide – Learn how to quickly prepare meals without spending hours in the kitchen.
  • 35 Fat Burning Ingredients – Includes details about 35 ingredients that you should consume if you want burn fat fast.
  • Conquer Your Kitchen video series – Includes tips and tricks of working about in the kitchen so that you become a kitchen expert.



The verdict of the Fat Burning Meals Program review is that it is a fantastic paleo and weight loss program which is comprehensive and covers all that our value standards test looks for in a fat loss program. It is available at a great price and that is the reason why we’re giving it a whopping 8.5/10 rating.